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Income Tax Filling is providing Income Tax Return (ITR) filing service. Here are the details of filing an Income Tax Return (ITR). The details below give out the important points to be kept in mind while availing this service from us so that an accurate ITR is filed for you at the earliest. Apart from this, our charges for various types of ITR, how to proceed from here, and special service for our large investment clients are also given below.

The following important aspects should be kept in mind while subscribing to ITR service through us:

  • The email ID for correspondence with us for filing ITR will be
  • We request you to send us the entire document in one go, not in pieces, and at the earliest. We file ITR’s on first come first serve basis. Also, we will process your ITR filing only after receiving your filing fee.
  • We prefer all information and documents via email in scanned form.
  • Form 16 is compulsory to be sent for Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing, if you are salaried or retired and getting pension. ITR cannot be filed without Form 16, if you are salaried or getting pension. The Form 16 will be given by your employer if you are working and by your Bank if you are getting a pension. There could be multiple Form 16, example: if you are re-employed and also getting a pension, there would be two Form 16.
  • If you are filing ITR through us for the first time, we will mandatorily require your Income Tax website password if you have already created your account on the IT website.
  • If your ITR is not filed before the last date, you will have to pay penalty to the Income Tax Department.
  • If your total income during the financial year exceeds Rs 50 lakh, you will also need to file your asset-liability report. We will let you know if its needed in your case.


We will be filing Income Tax Return online for our customers and the charges will be as follows. The charges are only indicative and can be increased if we find that your ITR filing requires a lot more work than the charges mentioned below. Also, the charges mentioned below are only for filing ITR. If you want us to do rectification or any other work related to ITR later, different charges may be levied:

1) Share your documents as per the list given on the link

2) Pay our professional fees as applicable to you in any of the following mode. We will be able to start working on your ITR only after we have received our fee:

a) PayTM or Phone Pe or GPay

Mobile Number: 8607777320

b) Direct money transfer to our account through ECS/RTGS. Our account details for that purpose are as follows:

Payable to: My Shubh Nivesh
A/C No - 50200043365177
HDFC BANK - Jindal Chowk Branch
IFSC Code - HDFC0001433

Once the payment is made, please inform us of your payment details by an e-mail to itr@myshubhnivesh.comso that you can link the payment.

To the customers who have placed great faith in us and entrusted us with their huge savings, we are grateful to them forthe same and wish to offer them the following complementary services.

Average Investment of Family Mutual Funds over the last one year Complementary ITRs** as per the following details
Above ₹ 2.0 Crores Complementary ITR Filing for self, Spouse and 2 more person (Unmarried Children or Parents only)
₹ 1.5 – 2.0 Crores Complementary ITR Filing for self, Spouse
₹ 1.0 – 1.5 Crores Complementary ITR Filing for self
**The complementary ITRs would be only of ITR-1 or ITR-2 categories.


We are filing Income Tax Return (ITR) on your behalf only on the basis of the data provided by you. It will be assumed by us that you have all the data (income, investment, savings, tax payments, etc.) sent to us by us for filing IT returns in original or supporting documents required by Income Tax authorities. Its accuracy is also your sole responsibility. In case of any inquiry from the Income Tax Department, you will have to produce such evidence as it is not allowed to attach any annexure with the IT return which will be filed online by us.

We are solely responsible for filing your ITR correctly based on the data provided by you and our role is limited to that task. We have no role or influence in getting your refund on time, early or at any stage of filing as ITR is being filed online. In fact, the timeliness of the refund, if any, largely depends on how soon you file your ITR and your ITR verification either by e-verification or soon after your physical ITR-V is signed. At the earliest, it reaches the Central Processing Center (CPC), Bangalore. through you.


Please do not send us incomplete documents or all financial documents you have. It is very difficult for us to piece together the documents that come to us. Please remember - if you have any tax due, late filing will be penalized by the Income Tax Department. Also, the late return cannot be modified once filed. Therefore, please try to send your documents along with the payment to us at the earliest so that the returns can be filed by us in time.