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Filing of Income Tax Returns

You can file your Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the Financial Years (FY) 2014-15 & 2015-16 [that is, Assessment Years (AY) 2015-16 & 2016-17] through us. You must have received your Form 16 from your employers / CDA which will give you the details of your income and taxes paid from your employer. Income Tax return cannot be filed without your Form 16 if you are salaried.

  • Form 16 is compulsory to be sent for Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing, if you are salaried.
  • We prefer all information through email and documents in scanned form.
  • You are requested to send complete documents to us.
  • If you are filing ITR through us for the first time, we would compulsorily require your Income Tax website password if you have already created your account on IT website.
  • Last date for filing ITR for any Financial Year is 31 July,
  • We would be able to go ahead with ITR filing only after receipt of our fee for filing.

Following are the important aspects to be kept in mind while subscribing to this service through us:-

  • The email ID for all income tax correspondence at our company will be
  • It is important to file your IT Return at the earliest as the returns / refunds will be processed on first-come-first-served basis with us as also with Income-tax department.
  • Please send us all the documents preferably as scanned / soft copies. You may send us physical copies. In any case, please do not send us any originals - only self-attested physical photocopies are sent to us.

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